Terms of Service

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Please keep in mind that all accounts sold through bloomalts.com come with a 1 day warranty.
This means that once you purchase an account and the warranty expires, bloomalts.com takes zero liability for what happens to the product sold, nor can we replace it.


After a successful transaction, you will be redirected to the product page and a copy of your product will be sent to the email provided by you at checkout.

Refund & Replacement Policy

We do not accept refunds under any circumstances. PayPal disputes and chargebacks are not permitted therefore you will be blacklisted off bloomalts.com and any of it's services if you open one.
As a customer, you are entitled to claim a replacement if any of the products you have purchased are found to be faulty.

Bloomalts.com holds the rights to change these terms of service without notice at any given time.